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Well Hello There

Thank you so much for visiting our site and taking the time to read the about page. We will try to make it as interesting and informative as possible.

Our aim is in our name, which is to Proclaim Scripture through Art. Our goal is to produce art that captures the eye and by doing so draws the viewer in to read it.  We wholeheartedly believe that Bible reveals the glory of God in Jesus, his Son and that by introducing someone to it there is the opportunity for it to do it’s transformative work through the Spirit – a grand goal we know, but it’s certainly a worthwhile step, we’re just privileged to try and play a part.

Currently Proclaim Scripture Art is two people Darren and Del. Darren is the designer and founder of this new enterprise. Del is co-founder and fills in the blanks that are required to make a venture like this happen.

About Darren

Hi, I’m Darren. I’ve married the beautiful Juliet and we have the stress privilege of raising two children together and worship as a family at a church in Gloucester, for which I’m a co-leader (Elder).  I’d like to point out that I’m younger than Del yet I too have done a little training in my time, attending the Cornhill Training Course in London (expository preaching stuff) and the Prepared for Service course which was run by the FIEC.  My past comprises of landscape architecture, web development, church work, but now I am trying to make a living by doing various things that include wedding photographymobile paint-your-own pottery and graphic design work.

About Del

My full name is Delan but people call me Del (partly because I was fed up of either having to correct the way people said my name or politely enduring miss pronunciations.) I was a youth worker for twenty odd years. 8 years as a volunteer, 3 years training at the awesome Moorlands Bible College, and another 9 as a full time youth worker in Cardiff.

Just before turning 40 I decided it was time to hang up my baseball cap and have been self-employed for the last couple of years as an online odd job man. That roughly means creating websites for people, SEO, content creation and social media stuff. I loved Darren’s vision for what is now called Proclaim Scripture Art which is why I got involved.

Darren’s Vision

I have a deep and fundamental belief that the bible is the inspired and authoritative word from and of God.  This means that I also believe all that the bible says about itself, namely it is sharper than any double edged sword, that it will go out and not come back empty and that is living and gives life.  At the heart of all bible scriptures is the revelation of Jesus – essentially the word of God is about the Word of God (John 1:1-4)!

This makes the bible a book like no other, extremely precious and able to transform lives when wielded by the Holy Spirit.  And so it’s this profound conviction about the bible and my love for creativity that formed the seed for this new venture.  Yet it needed to be crystallized and that is where Del comes in.  PSA was borne out of a conversation with Del after sharing with him what I’ve just shared with you.  We both wholeheartedly believe that getting God’s word out there on display for all to see cannot be anything other than a good thing.

What we’d love to see happen is that through representing and supporting bible text in a visual way, people will display it on the walls of homes, public spaces, corridors, churches, their bodies (in the form of a t-shirt!) etc.  That way not only will one be reminded of the wonderful truth in scripture but also those who may never have been exposed to it will be drawn in and start to consider and listen to God’s voice.  And so, we’re committed to not having truth ‘modified’ in any way so as to give baseless encouragement or self-empowerment though sanitizing scripture, instead we want to ‘expose’ what the word says, invariably that will mean drawing our attention to Jesus and allowing faith in Him and the gospel to encourage us.

We hope that you will share with others what we are trying to do.