John 20:15 – Dry your tears…. March 28, 2016 – Posted in: Design Stories


poster-frame-john20.15-01 Whilst I was reading (Darren) through some of the gospel accounts of The Passion narrative (seeing as it’s Easter an all that!) this touching moment seemed to leap out from the story.  It felt deeply comforting and also something that would encourage as well as translate well into some artwork.  At the end of the day it’s about people responding to Jesus, and so it inspired me to just focus on the face and expression.  As a result of doing it it’s also inspired me to produce some more ‘close-ups’, though I’ll just have to wait and see when something next pops up out of some narrative (shouldn’t be too long before that happens 🙂 ).

Foundation John 20:15

Good Friday has been and gone and those who were devoted followers of Jesus are in emotional turmoil. The Sabbath had prevented the anointing of Jesus body with spices, and so Mary Magdalene came to the tomb where Jesus was buried on the Sunday to only find Jesus was not there. The immediate assumption to the cause behind the missing body was that someone must have taken him away. After Mary had got Peter and John to check it out for themselves, she found herself alone once again.

poster-frame2-john20.15-01And then the ‘gardener’ appeared to a sobbing and crying Mary. Yet she wasn’t crying over the death of Christ but the fact that his body wasn’t there. Jesus’ body did not lay where it should have done, she had no way to honor him and was mortified by the potential desecration of his body. And yet this is glorious truth, it was the risen Lord Jesus who was speaking to her. There was no need for tears of sadness or fear, the death defeating Jesus now presents an opportunity to honor him, not to a dead corpse but a living glorified conqueror; not with spices but now with her whole life!”.

“Dry your tears, know that Christ Jesus lives!”

At the time of Jesus, women were considered as second class citizens so Mary’s testimony would have been largely discredited. And yet it was to a woman that God entrusted this first witness, not only giving evidence that this story was not an invention of man, but also demonstrating God’s equal regard for men and women alike.