Psalm 139:13-18 Fearfully and Wonderfully made! March 21, 2016 – Posted in: Design Stories


This idea came to me (Del) just as I was about to fall asleep (as so many good ideas do!). It was an image in my mind of a fetus surrounded by the words “You knit me together” from Psalm 139. The scripture was in the shape of a womb surrounding the baby in a protective way. To me the image is about how much God loves us before we are able to fully understand what that even means!

It is a blessing but not a guarantee that everything will go exactly how we want it. Sadly, sometimes babies never get to full term. Sometimes children don’t arrive as “perfectly” as we wanted. So this is not a blessing of perfection, but a way to remember that regardless of what we see, God sees His children and he loves them dearly. Before we enter the womb and for the rest of our lives!

Baby duck

This was meant to be a drawing of a baby in the womb. As you can see, with a few tweaks it looks a lot more like a duck!

It looks like a duck!

When I first had this idea I tried to explain it to Darren and made an attempt to put onto paper what I saw in my mind. I am not an artist and my drawing did not look much like a baby. In fact when I added wings and a beak it looked a lot more like a duck!

Fortunately, Darren got the idea and created the beautiful images that you see in the gallery. Actually the final design isn’t exactly how I imagined it. Darren changed the design and made it look even better. I love being part of a creative team. I think you always end up with a superior finished project!


Foundation Psalm 139

poster-frame2-psalms139-13-18-01It’s right that we should see ourselves in these verses of Psalm 139 as precious and  wonderful creations, yet it would be wrong to think this Psalm is first and foremost  about us, though it remains unwaveringly personal and intimate.

This Psalm sings of a God who sees the invisible, his unimpeded knowledge of the  details of our lives lays before us in verse 1-6. The following verses, 7-12, shows a  God who can move freely everywhere, including the apparent inaccessible places.  In each of the sections God comes across not as a Big Brother character, but  someone who is involved – hemming, guiding and holding fast. This intimate knowledge of us is staggeringly wonderful.

Yet verse 7-12 conveys someone fleeing from God. Which seems a little odd, yet  when God is revealed, the impulse to flee is as natural to us as breathing. He is an  all seeing, all knowing, all powerful God – this can be both an immensely  comforting thought, or a rather disturbing one.

Then comes the verses on which the artwork is based. Praise is the only response to  such a wonderful God, who makes us with utmost care, knowing every detail of our personal selves. He is deeply committed to each one of us from the earliest of our  days in the womb.

poster-frame-psalms139.13-18-04We cannot forget though that God is Holy, this too is a wonderful truth and so may  make our transparent lives uncomfortable when we corrupt that which is so preciously made. David feels the justice of humanity that rebels against such a loving creator (verses 19-22).

Our prayer is that the purifying peace of salvation in Jesus Christ and the knowledge of the God of Psalm 139, will bring forth praise out of life for the one to whom this artwork is dedicated to.