Ruth & Naomi May 13, 2016 – Posted in: Design Stories

Ruth Design Story

women-t-shirt-01When it comes to inspirational stories about women from the Bible then the book of Ruth has to be up there. I would say that it is one of the great love stories that you can find in Scripture. It has tragedy, hope, a happy ending and of course romance. So you have a great plot but also some fantastic characters as well. You have a Mr Darcy romantic lead character (Boaz), a baddy (the man with no name), and of course two strong female leads.

This poster depicts the beautiful speech between the women at the end of Ruth chapter 1. Naomi is sadly begging her daughter-in-law’s to leave her as she goes back to her people unsure of what her future will be like. Orpah leaves yet Ruth stubbornly remains. In this speech, the bond of trust between them is forged. We see the wisdom of Naomi and the integrity and unfailing trust of Ruth as she does exactly what Naomi tells her to do without question. We see the friendship between Ruth and Boaz, the man of honour develops with the help of the shrewd and wise Naomi.

Interesting things in the book of Ruth

poster-frame2-ruth-1-01This is one of the books I looked at in Bible College. I mentioned that baddy with no name who is just referred to as the guardian redeemer in the NIV. If you read the story this man is the one who is eligible to marry Ruth before Boaz but declines because he doesn’t want to sully his reputation or his name. Yet the reverse happens, because we never discover what his name is. Oh the irony!

The other interesting bit is in Chapter 3 when Ruth lies at the feet of Boaz on the threshing floor. Naomi tells Ruth to put on her best dress, put on some perfume, lay at Boaz’s feet and then uncovers them. The Boaz says something along the lines of you have honoured me with what you have done so I will marry you. What an earth just happened?

 Let’s just say that if Boaz was a man without honour he would have taken advantage of the situation! However Naomi understood what was happening between Boaz and Ruth and basically set up the means in which they could marry. I guess Naomi was a biblical match maker!

If you have never read the book of Ruth and like a good romance novel or Rom-Coms then you will absolutely love the story of Ruth! There is something wonderful about the relationship between Naomi and her daughter in law Ruth. I am surprised that this has not been turned into a huge chick flick! Hey Hollywood, what are you up to?

Gift Ideas

We think the image brilliantly captures the sentiment of the two characters. This Design that Darren has created captures the moment when Ruth decides to stay with Naomi no matter what happens.

This would make a great present for a mother or daughter. It is also great for those people who may not be biologically connected but are like mothers or daughters to you.

Available as both a poster print and T-Shirt.