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Share The Vision

We want to work in partnership with passionate people. Essentially, all you have to do is use our comprehensive Sales & Presentation pack to set up a Proclaim Scripture Art display at church (after your Sunday services?)  or wherever and take orders for our Bible inspired products, you’ll then receive a commission for every sale you make!

The story behind Share the Vision

This idea came about when I (Del) was having a conversation with a teenager at my home group. His church was running a missions trip to Croatia and they were looking to raise £4,500 towards it.

I had also received a message from a former youth worker friend of mine (actually more like a legend) who was looking for donations towards his new job running retreats for young people in. I received another facebook message from someone I knew looking for funds to keep their Christians against Poverty project running (or CAP for short.)

It struck me that lots of different people I know have projects that they are passionate about and looking to raise money to support them. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the money to give.

That’s when I realised that Proclaim Scripture Art could become a way of helping passionate people raise money for the projects they believe in. It could be anything from CAP, supporting missionaries or funding a youth trip.

What do I have to do?

It’s all so simple! Just fill in the form on this page and then we will then send you all the information you need to decide whether this is right for you. If it is then you need to purchase one of our promotional packs. There are two options, one with and one without a T-Shirt. These packs allow people to see the designs and see what they are buying. You can see an example below: [insert picture here] The pack contains everything you need to create a great display and promote it. You then put the display table up for one or a few Sundays after services and take orders. Then you send the order to us with a deposit and we ship it back to you. When customers receive their artwork they pay you and you pay us but keep your commission for to you to give to the project of your choice.

For a far more thorough explanation of how this works please sign up.

Easy steps…

Sign up

for full details and receive digital pack free of charge.

Get permission

If you choose to partner with us get permission from your church leader(s) and set a date.

Purchase a promotion pack

Purchase a promotion pack #1 or #2 and let us know when you are planning to present Proclaim Scripture Art. This allows us to prioritise you and make sure we have plenty of stock etc.


Promote in Church plenty of time beforehand. This might be in the church notice sheet, power point display before the service (part of pack), making an announcement and your website.

Setup & display

Setup our Sales & Presentation Pack after each service for 1, 2 or even 3 weeks. People look at the stand, love the artwork and place orders. You tell them when they can collect the artwork and they bring the money then. That way you avoid having to use credit cards etc.

Collect Orders

Collect all the orders together and send them to Proclaim Scripture Art with a £20 deposit or 20% of the final total. You work this out based on how much Proclaim Scripture Art charge you.

Receive the Goods

Proclaim Scripture Art then take your order and ship the goods back to you. We try to do this so that they reach you by the following Sunday. Please give us plenty of time though.

Give and Collect

Hand out the artwork and collect payment.


Pay us by the date listed on the invoice (this is 21 days from when you receive the goods.)

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