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When shops buy from us, the usually have to pay up front and we have a minimum order requirement.

The idea behind is that you set up a stall selling our art for a limited time. People specify exactly what they want so you are not left with excess stock. We have done our best to reduce the risk of you having to invest a lot of money in stock.

The first way is to sell more items! The second way is to increase the original price and point out that it is for a good cause. We do not put a price on any of the promotional items so you can add a price yourself.  Please note that we do have a website with set prices so best not to go crazy!

One suggestion might be to point out that the money they would spend on postage and packaging if they bought from our site goes to you instead. (Make sure you give your nicest butter wouldn’t melt smile when you reply J) You could also sell the promotional prints if you want.

In the words of that famous advert “It does what is says on the tin!” Buying a pack allows you to display our artwork so that people can see what they are buying and increase your chance of making sales.

We are a very new company and unfortunately not in a position to be able to give our goods away for free. We ask for a deposit for the same reason. If money is an issue for you then you might want to consider asking buyers to either pay up front or pay a deposit which should help to reduce your costs.

No problem.  Simply send any unwanted art back to us (as long as they are in excellent saleable condition). Alternatively you can try to sell them to avoid postage and packaging costs. You could even put them on sale.

No problem, but you will need to pay us the full amount if it is under £20. You might want to consider asking them to pay up front to cover the cost.

Were people asking for products that Proclaim Scripture Art currently do not make. Drop us a line and let us know. We welcome all feedback both positive and constructive. E.g. “you’re lame” is not constructive. “You’re lame because (insert reason here)” is!