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Poster Print Animal Collection – The Lion and the Dove

A3 Double-Sided Blue/Pink Print on 350gsm luxurious soft-touch velvet lamination finish.

Luxurious soft-touch velvet

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Animal imagery in the Bible can be incredibly powerful. This set combines our two animal related pieces.

Both are Professionally Printed on A3 350gsm paper with luxurious soft-touch velvet lamination finish. [Frames not included]

The Dove (Acts 1:8)

This special edition is double sided with a blue dove on one side and a pink version on the other side.

“The last words spoken by Christ (and therefore hugely significant) is not a command per se, but prophetic statement. Once you have committed yourself to Jesus, there are inevitable consequences based of the assured promises of God. Amongst these promises is the fact that you will receive His Spirit who loves to see the Son revealed and exalted is given to us that Jesus may be increasingly revealed in us so that a world may know Him.

This is it folks, our lives are not our own, we belong to Jesus and so we have work to do. And these works are not burdensome for they are ‘good’ works, works of love borne out of a love for God, for we have been so profoundly loved first.”

The Lion (Revelation 5)

“The hope of the fulfillment and consummation of the promises and purposes of God have been sealed up (since Daniel 12) on a scroll so completely inaccessible (seven seals) that no one can open it. Yet it is not by strength that the knowledge of revelation within this scroll will be made known, indeed a mighty angel (v2) says “Who is worthy to break the seals and open the scroll?”.

It’s not clear why John weeps, but perhaps it is because the assurance of hope that gets answered within this scroll is not known. However, strength is not the key to open the scroll, worthiness is.

There is only one who fits that description and that is the Lion of Judah, the Root of David. Only The King is worthy, yet instead of a lion it is a lamb that John sees standing in the center of all authority and power, the throne. Who is David’s descendant? Who is the one out of the tribe of Judah? It is Jesus Christ revealed in the gospels to which the blood of the martyred saints testify to.

Though our persecution may be less grave, we should still rest upon the Lion of Judah to help us live courageous and bold lives sold out to the worship of the lamb.”

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