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Poster Print – John 3:16-17

Vibrant and intriguing design of the world composed of the words from John 3:16-17.

Luxurious soft-touch velvet


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A3 Professional Print on 350gsm paper with luxurious soft-touch velvet lamination finish. [Frame not included]

With this design I tried to fully capture the true meaning of John 3:16. God loves the world and the people he put in it! It works perfectly hanging up in a Sunday school room or Teens and Students bedrooms. In fact we think this is an awesome design (as the young folks say) that appeals to all ages.

With shipping you only pay for the first item so why not buy more than one. They make excellent gifts 🙂
Please allow up to 14 days for delivery but we aim to deliver a lot faster than that.

About the Artwork

John 3:16-17

“Nicodemus the inquisitive Pharisee is struggling to get his head around that one needs to be ‘born again’ to enter the kingdom of God – hard to believe huh? Jesus goes on to remind Nicodemus that God’s people were rescued from God’s judgement, which came at them in the form of poisonous snakes, by looking upon the bronze snake fashioned by Moses. But now in Jesus we must look to him and believe, for in Him is our rescue from condemnation and death. This is the way in which God has loved us.

There is no excuse for unbelief, for the light of this world has been clearly seen, the verdict is you either live in the light or not.

We live in a time of unmerited grace, so let’s not waste our time or delay, today is the time to believe and live in the light of Christ”.

Dimensions 29.7 x 42 x .05 cm

A3, A4

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