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Why we sell Postcardspsa-a6-john316-postcard

We now have postcards! This came about from a message we received on the website. It said:

“Hi I am excited about your work and the vision it embodies. I am a youth worker and would love some postcards sized prints. Would you consider that please?” Julie.

Being a former youth worker myself I always like to help fellow workers when I can. So I sent the following reply:

Thanks for leaving a message on the website. I was a youth worker for twenty odd years so it’s always nice to hear a fellow youth worker loves what PSA is doing :-).

Postcard sized prints is something Darren (the designer) and I have considered doing. It would be really helpful for us to know why you would want them in postcard size and how you envisage using them. For example are you thinking of simply displaying them or using them in group work? Why postcard size as opposed to A4?

This would help us to understand the best way to get them to customers and also think of additional resources that may complement the pictures like Bible studies etc.


What can you use postcards for?



Julie very kindly responded by sending us this email:

Here at SAYT, we focus primarily on detached youth work with secondary age youth. WE also do some lunch clubs in the local secondary schools.

In the last term, at the suggestion of one of our team, we tried getting the young people who come to one of the lunch clubs to learn a memory verse. (Philippians 4:4-7) These 25-30 young people are unchurched and not-yet believers but we are open about our faith and have linked the scripture learning to fun games, little incentives and short talks about the truths contained in the verses. (Like what to do with worries, the Lord being near, the value of gratitude/rejoicing etc.)

I have been amazed to see how motivated those (mostly year 8 boys) who come along have been to learn the verses to play the games and win the prizes. (The things they’ll do for a strawberry lace!)

It’s great to know the wonderful truths of scripture they learn now will be with them throughout their life journeys from here for the Holy Spirit to bring to their recall whenever He chooses as He continues to woo them with God’s love.

It’s been really exciting. And we want new ways of sharing and teaching scripture with the young people we work with.

To have beautiful PSA postcards would be fab as we could use these verses to share Gods love with them, (we would use the A4 ones too) and the postcards would make great prizes, or even little certificates. In envelopes we would also use the postcards for particular words of encouragement for any young people who are going through a tough time.

They would be another marvellous way of sharing the Truth with love. Postcards rather than A4 would be more affordable for our work and more appropriate to give (lots) out. Postcards are great for bookmarks, being kept in blazer pockets and stuck on bedroom walls.

We would also use PSA postcards as thank you cards for the folk we have got on board with providing cakes each week for the detached work we do. Some are Christian, some are not (good old International Soroptomists!) And also as thank you cards to the teachers and receptionists etc. at schools that we engage with each week. The possibilities are endless!

We also provide a monthly prayer breakfast for youth workers in the area – both employed and voluntary – and I would use PSA postcards for encouragement and support of the folk who come along to that (or who would want to join us but are unable to) Personal encouragement is so important and I can think of nothing nicer to use than post with your designs on!

So these are just some of the ways I would use them. I prefer postcards in envelopes to cards in envelopes as they are just that little bit ‘quirky’ and slightly less formal.

And of course, I would most definitely have a postcard or two perched on my desk!

Hope that helps!

God bless you on your excellent work, and may His kingdom come – both deeper and wider – because of your PSA ministry.


We love hearing from people

Well after that response it was too difficult to say no! So we now sell A6 postcards of the John 3:16-17 design. Julie recently let us know that she has used them as thank you notes and that they will be using them in September to encourage the young people to learn it as a memory verse! You have read about how you can use them in youth work but they are also great for outreach events, family services, messy churches and so much more.

We love hearing from people and if you think we may be able to help you with our products (or even potential products) we would love to hear from you.

Julie Boddington is the team leader at Sevenoaks Area Youth Trust. SAYT’s aim is to build long term relationships with young people in the Sevenoaks area. This includes detached work, working in schools and mentoring.